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Governmental and Inter-Governmental
Non-Governmental Organizations and Associations
University and Educational
Calendar of Events
Conservation Measures
Water Publications
Articles and Reports
Discussion Lists
  1. Governmental and Inter-Governmental
    Aquastat: UN FAO Water Information System
    Arizona Department of Water Resources
    Association of State Dam Safety Officials
    Australia Centre for Groundwater Studies
    Australian CSIRO Division of Water Resources
    British Hydrological Society (United Kingdom)
    California Department of Water Resources
    California Environmental Resources Evaluation System (CERES): Water
    Center for Groundwater Studies
    Co-operative Research Centre for Catchment Hydrology
    Colorado River Basin Forecast Center (NOAA)
    CSIRO Land and Water (Australia)
    Resources Links
    Environment Canada: Water
    EPA Center for Environmental Statistics (surface water quality study US/Mexico border
    European-Mediterranean Information System on the Know-How in the Water
    European Water Association
    Sector (EMWIS)
    Global Applied Research Network (GARNET)
    Global Environment Monitoring System (GEMS), Freshwater Quality Programme, UNEP
    Global International Waters Assessment (GIWA)
    Global Runoff Data Centre
    Global Water Partnership
    Global Water Partnership Forum
    Groundwater Atlas of the United States, U.S. Geological Survey
    Hydrology and Water Resources Programme, World Meteorological Organization
    Hydrologic Information Center: Current Hydrologic Conditions (NOAA)
    International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC): US Section
    International Geosphere Biosphere Programme
    International Hydrological Programme (UNESCO)
    International Lake Environment Committee
    International Network of Basin Organizations
    International Office for Water (France)
    Les Enjeux Internationaux De L'eau
    Mexican Institute of Water Technology (Spanish)
    Minnesota Ground Water Association
    NASA Laboratory for Hydrospheric Processes
    National Water Commission of México
    National Water Research Institute (Environment Canada)
    Netherlands Water Partnership
    Nile Basin Initiative
    Nile Basin Water Resources Digital Library
    Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate
    Pacific Water Association
    Programa Hidrologico Internacional (PHI): UNESCO
    Reseau National des Donnes sur L’eau (French Water Data Network)
    Secretaria de Medio Ambiente, Recursos Naturales y Pesca (SEMARNAP)
    South African Department of Water Affairs and Forestry
    South Africa Water Research Commission
    Southern Africa Water Partnership
    Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts
    Transboundary Resource Inventory Program (TRIP)
    U.S. Bureau of Water Reclamation
    U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s Water Conservation Page
    U.S. Department of Agriculture: Water Quality Information Center: Water and Agriculture
    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)
    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Surf Your Watershed
    U.S. Geological Survey: San Francisco Bay/Delta
    U.S. Geological Survey: U.S. Water Data
    U.S. Geological Survey: U.S. Water Use Data
    U.S. Geological Survey: Water Resources of California
    U.S. Geological Survey: Water Resources of the United States
    U.S. National Agricultural Library: Water Quality Information Center
    UNDP-World Bank Water and Sanitation Program
    United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
    United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
    United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
    United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Freshwater Unit
    United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Global Environmental
    Monitoring System (GEMS)
    United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO)
    Vision21: Water for People
    Water and the Forest Service (U.S.Forest Service)
    Water Research Commission, South Africa
    Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council
    Water Quality Home Pages
    Western Water Policy Review Advisory Commission
    WHO Water, Sanitation and Health
    World Bank
    World Bank Group: Global Water Unit
    World Bank Institute Water Policy Reform Program
    World Bank Water Policy Reform Program
    World Health Organization (WHO)
    World Hydrological Cycle Observing System (WHYCOS)
    World Water Forum (The Hague)

  2. Non-Governmental Organizations and Associations
    African Water Page
    American Desalting Association
    American Institute of Hydrology
    American Rivers
    American Water Resources Association (US)
    American Water Works Association (US)
    American Water Works Association Research Foundation (US)
    Amigos Bravos: Friends of the Wild Rivers
    Boulder Area Sustainability Information Network
    British Hydrological Association
    Canadian Water Resources Association
    Centro del Agua del Trópico Humedo para America Latina y el Caribe
    Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
    Center for the Humid Tropics of Latin America and the Caribbean)
    Coalition Eau Secours (French)
    Consejo para la Conservacion de Humedales de Norteamerica
    European Desalination Society
    European Rivers Network
    Foundation for Water Research
    Glen Canyon Institute
    Global Water
    Groundwater Foundation
    International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research (IAHR)
    International Association of Hydrogeologists
    International Association of Hydrological Sciences
    International Association on Water Quality
    International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage
    International Commission on Large Dams
    International Water Commissions (various)
    International Desalination Association
    International Hydrological Programme
    International Rivers Network
    International Water Academy
    International Water and Sanitation Centre
    International Water Association
    International Water Management Institute (IWMI)
    International Water Resources Association
    Islamic Relief
    Lifewater Canada
    Middle East Desalination Research Center
    National Ground Water Association (US)
    New Zealand Hydrological Society
    New Zealand Water and Wastes Association
    Nile Basin Initiative
    Norway Institute for Water Research
    Pacific Institute for Studies in Development Environment, and Security, Water Program
    River Network
    Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)
    Stockholm International Water Institute
    Surfers Against Sewage
    Terrene Institute
    The Hydrogeologists Home Page
    United States Committee on Large Dams (USCOLD)
    Water Aid
    Water Education Foundation (US)
    Water Engineering Development Centre
    Water Environment Federation
    Water for the People
    WaterPartners International
    Water Quality Association
    West Bengal and Bangladesh Arsenic Crisis Information Centre
    World Commission on Dams (WCD)
    World Conservation Union (IUCN)
    The World’s Water
    World Water and Climate Atlas
    World Water Council (WWC)
    World Water Vision for the 21st Century
    World Wildlife Fund European Freshwater Programme
    World Wildlife Fund Living Waters Campaign
    WWF and the EU Water Framework Directive

  3. University and Educational
    Arizona Water Resources Research Center, University of Arizona
    Canberra Cooperative Research Centre for Freshwater Ecology (Australia)
    Centre for Water in Urban Areas (FSP-WIB)
    Climate Change and U.S. Water Bibliography
    Department of Water and Environmental Studies, Tema Institute at Linköping University (Sweden)
    Desalination Directory
    Drinking Water Activities for Teacher's and Students, U.S. EPA
    Flood Information, Water Resources Engineering Website, University of Alberta
    Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment (GEWEX)
    Global Runoff Data Centre, Federal Institute of Hydrology (Germany)
    Great Lakes Information Network
    Global Rivers Environmental Network (Youth education)
    Hydrological Modeling Resources
    Hydrology, Education Planet
    Hydrology Web
    Hydrology Web, Links for Kids
    Info-Agua (Spanish)
    Institute for Groundwater Studies, The University of the Free State, South Africa
    Institute of Hydrology (IH)
    Institute of Water Research - Michigan State University
    Inter-American Water Resources Network
    International Ground Water Modeling Center
    International Institute for Infrastructural, Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering
    International Water History Association
    International Water Law Project
    IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre
    Island Press Publisher, Environment
    Learning to Be Water Wise and Efficient (4th-8th grade)
    Middle East Water Information Network (MEWIN)
    Montana Water
    Nature, Society and Water Programme, University of Bergen, Norway
    New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute
    Nile Basin Water Resources Digital Library
    OneWorld Water Think Tank
    Powell Consortium: Water Resource Research Institutes
    Research Centre for Sustainability in Ecological Engineering and Water Resources Technology
    Texas Water Resources Institute; Texas Waternet
    The Global Water Sampling Projects (for students)
    The Hydrologic Cycle, University of Illinois
    The Water Institute, University of South Florida
    Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database
    U.C. Berkley Center for Sustainable Resource Development
    U.S. Water News Online
    Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR)
    Universities Water Information Network
    University College Dublin Centre for Water Resources Research
    University of London: Water Issues Group
    University of South Australia: Water Policy and Law Group
    Useful Internet Sites for Water Resources and GIS
    Virtual Irrigation Library
    Water Education Resources, EcoIQ
    Water Information Websites: Water Information Organization, Colorado
    Waters Issues Group, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
    Water Librarian’s Home Page
    Water Resources Databases
    Water Resources Worldwide Database
    Water Science for Schools, U.S. Geological Survey
    Water Strategist Community (WaterChat)
    Water Resources Center Archives: University of California, Berkeley
    WateReuse Association of California (US)
    Watershed Management Professional Program of Portland State University
    WaterWeb Consortium
    WaterWise: Water Efficiency Clearinghouse
    Wetlist, Universities Water Information Network

  4. Commercial
    Anglian Water
    Atlantic Geoscience Corporation
    BOSS International
    Denver Water Company (US)
    Hydrology Web Directory
    Integrated Resource Management Research (IRMR)
    Safe Water Systems
    Spragg Waterbag Homepage
    Water Bank
    Water Online
    Water Resources Publications, LLC
    Water Utility Homepages: List at AWWA
    WL | Delft Hydraulics

  5. Water Publications
    Advances in Water Resources
    Agricultural Water Management
    Catch Water Newsletter (India), Center for Science and Environment
    Ground Water
    Ground Water Monitoring & Remediation
    Hydrogeology Journal
    Hydrological Processes
    Hydrological Sciences Journal
    International Journal of Water Resources Development
    Journal of Contaminant Hydrology
    Journal of Environmental Hydrology
    Journal of Hydrology
    Journal of the American Water Resources Association
    International News, International Office for Water (France)
    September 2000 Clean Water News
    Source: Water and Sanitation News
    The Aquifer
    University of Denver Water Law Review
    Urban Water
    WaterCom Engineering
    Water Law
    Water Log Legal Reporter
    U.S. Water News Online
    Water Policy
    Water Research
    Water Resources Research
    Water Science and Technology
    Water Supply
    Water Technology Online
    Water Well Journal
    Water World

  6. Articles and Reports
    Urban-Wastewater Reuse for Crop Production in the Water-Short Guanajuato River Basin, Mexico (2000)

  7. Calendar of Water Events
    The Water Forum's Calendar of Events

  8. Conservation Measures
    New Water Conservation Campaign

  9. Databases
    Streamline (Australian Water/Land resources)
    Water Experts Database, Universities Water Information Network
    Water Resources Scientific Information Center Research Abstracts Database, U.S. Geological Service

  10. Discussion Lists

      List Focus: The purpose of this mail discussion list is to provide the Inter-American Dialogue on Water Management (IADWM) and its Inter-American Water Resources Network (IWRN) with the means to share water information technology, and expertise among the countries of the Western Hemisphere (via the Internet).
    Comments: Low volume list, focus is on tropical and sub-tropical water ecosystems, with most of the messages and audience being water management professionals.
    Subscription Information:
    1. Send a message to
    2. Leave the subject line blank.
    3. In the body of the message, type: SUB DIALOG-AGUA-L "firstname lastname"

      List Focus: EnviroWater is an open and unmoderated listserv for the exchange of information and ideas on water issues.
    Subscription Information:
    To join the list, send a message to  Leave the subject line and body of the message blank.

      List Focus: HydroForum, a list to discuss issues related to hydrology, hydrogeology, groundwater, modeling and environmental cleanup.
    Subscription Information:
    To join the list, go to:

    Middle East Water (MEH20)
      List Focus: MEH2O-L is an electronic mail discussion group for information and research relating to water in the Middle East, administered by the Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
    • Limnology
    • Oceanography
    • Marine Biotechnology
    • Aquaculture (marine and freshwater)
    • Conservation
    • Reclamation
    • Ecological Aspects
    • Shared Resource Management
    Comments: A low volume list with messages primarily focused on policy-oriented issues; the audience is primarily academicians and policy makers.
    Subscription Information:
    To join the list, go to:

      List Focus: The sowacs email discussion group list and the accompanying webpage cover all types of Soil Water Content Sensors and soil moisture measurement methods at scientific and user levels. From tensiometers to TDR to the latest infra-red based methods still being developed.
    Subscription Information:
    To join the list, go to:

    Water and Advocacy
      List Focus: Sharing of experiences, resources and new developments on advocacy, social mobilization and programme communication on water, sanitation and related hygiene issues is the aim.
    This list tries to connect people interested in advocacy issues from various existing networks, such as the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council, and the NGO Freshwater Advocacy Network that was agreed at the 2nd World Water Forum in the Hague, March 2000.
    Subscription Information:
    1. Send a message to:
    2. Leave the subject line and body blank.

    Water Forum
      List Focus: WaterForum is a free and open forum for discussion of surface water and groundwater resources issues; including drinking water, wetlands, wastewater, irrigation, recreational use, fisheries and wildlife use, aquaculture, coastal studies and oceanography, environmental and public health issues, contamination, computer modelling, and any other relevant water resources topics.
    Comments: With over 2000 enthusiastic members, this is a very high volume list, though one can also modify one's subscription to receive a weekly digest of messages, at:
    Subscription Information:
    1. Send a message to:
    2. Leave the subject line and body blank.

    Water Online
      List Focus: Information sharing among water professionals in California.
    Comments: Low volume list.
    Subscription Information:
    1. Send a message to:
    2. Leave the subject line blank.
    3. In the body of the message type: subscribe Water-On-Line

    Water Talk
      List Focus: The list seeks to "foster communication and discussion regarding Texas water issues".
    Comments: Low volume list, with an even mix of water management and policy messages.
    Subscription Information:
    To obtain subscription information, send a message to: Leave the subject line and body of the message blank.

    Water Web
      List Focus: WaterWeb is a list dedicated to the discussion of issues pertaining to water information and the Internet. This list grew out of the first Water Information Summit held in 1998. The WaterWeb list is an activity of the WaterWeb Consortium, which hosts the Water Information Summit each fall.
    Comments: While the list's focus is on the use of Internet in promulgating information about water, there's lots of valuable policy discussion also.
    Subscription Information:
    This is a closed list; anyone interested in participating may contact the list manager, Faye Anderson, at

      List Focus: A conflation of science, policy and water management issues, with an emphasis on water conservation measures.
    Comments: Medium volume list.
    Subscription Information:
    1. Send a message to:
    2. Leave the subject line blank.
    3. In the body, type: subscribe waterwiserlist and your email address.

    River Nile
      List Focus: The list aims at discussing the politics and developments in land and water use in the Nile Basin and their implications.
    Subscription Information:
    To join the list, go to


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